mtb skills coach

Over the span of her career which she started relatively late, Amy has worked hard to become one of South Africa’s most skilled woman riders, she learnt partially through painful trial and error and bad advice, partially through the guidance of more skilled riders, skill coaches and a LOT of practice. Her passion is passing that knowledge to others with the aim of fast tracking them through the same painful and preventable learning curves, and helping them to experience the joy of a sport that is so much more than just riding a bike!


She has been perfecting her skill training method since 2012 and has found a formula that has seen huge success in improving the skills of all levels of riders.

One-on-one MTB Skills training 

1 hour lesson                       R600

2 hour lesson                        R1000


3 x 1 hour lessons                 R1400

3 x 2 hour lessons                 R2400

Group MTB Skills training

(Groups of 2 – 3 people)
1 hour lesson                               R450pp

2 hour lesson                              R700pp


3 x 1 hour lessons                       R1050pp

3 x 2 hour lessons                       R1800pp