Olaplex has patented formula that repairs broken bonds from chemical treatments permanently. No other treatment in the world does this. It can be used in bleach to minimise damage to the hair during a blonding process


Mycro-Keratin can be used all all hair types. It straightens and removes 100% of frizz. Tiny Keratin particles fill the hair and treat it from within. Although it doesn’t rebuild bonds, it makes the hair smooth, healthy, and super manageable for up to 6 months. It also eliminates the need for heat styling which improves hair condition and prevents further damage. see more below

length of hair growth per year vs treatments and hair exposures


mycro keratin treatment




mycro keratin treatment



Why get Mycro Keratin?

Most women want to see and feel a healthy, shiny, and  strong head of hair. However, environmental damage (Sun damage, humidity, Swimming pools), chemical damage, (bleaching, perming, colouring) and mechanical damage (straighteners, hair dryers, and even harsh brushing) are all things that can strip the hair of its keratin leaving it dull, damaged, and brittle..

Mycro Keratin Treatments have been developed in order to replenish the hair from the inside out, replacing the natural protein which has been stripped from it for which ever reason. It is guaranteed to improve the condition of your hair no matter what condition it is in. Their products are all packed full of herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals and they utilize Mycrotechnology inin order to create them.

Who will benefit from this treatment?

Everyone. From healthy hair that is just frizzy or ‘poofy’ and hard to manage to extremely damaged, over chemically processed hair to sporty outdoorsy girls who suffer from inevitable environmental damage.

What exactly is Mycrotechnology?

Mycrotechnology is the branch of technology that deals with dimensions and tolerances of less than 100 micro-meters and especially focuses on the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules. Therefore, by using this form of technology, the developers are able to create tiny molecules of keratin within their product, that are able to penetrate each strand of hair, and repair each fracture from the inside out.

Why Mycro Keratin is my treatment of choice 

While there are many products on the market which contain keratin and various vitamins promising to enrich your hair, the molecules within them are too large to actually do anything more than sit on top of your hair and wash off when the hair is rinsed. 

What to expect from your treatment;

  • It’s like the Brazilian Blowout except better.

  • Healthy, shiny hair

  • Smooth and frizz free

  • Lasts up to 4 months

  • No heat styling needed reducing additional damage


mycro keratin treatment process